Ruby (Dam)

Large, solid and powerfully built black and tan with nerves of steal. Correct structure, great bone strength and fantastic muscle tone. Highly trainable, dependable  and very willing to respond to anything asked of her. She loves to play, and please her master. Pedigree is a highly respected combination of east and west German working lines known for optimum health and longevity.

AKC German Shepherds

Max (Sire)

Max is jet black. Substantialy built with balanced proportions, optimum pigmentation, strong bones and powerful head type. He is very alert and always willing to learn. He will chase a ball or play tug a war all day and night. He is great with our kids, and is a true family dog.  Broad shoulders with a powerful build.  With an outstanding pedigree from consistent top performing schutzhund dogs from both East and West Germany.