Hello! We are the DeWoody's! We are a family of 7 (including our four legged children). As a child I always had German Shepherds for pets and know how amazing the breed can be. My husband and I were looking to add two knew pets to our family, but we got much more then that. With two young children the temperment of the dogs are tested daily. With poking, pulling, and riding the dogs always show a calm, friendly manner. If out for a walk they are always in front of us with full guard on. So loyal for the protection of your family 

The perfection of this breed was well thought out and much attention was given to finding the original bloodlines to the European German Shepherds whose tempermant, and working lines have all been documented and passed down threw bloodlines which connects them to three of the most famous German Shepherds in history. We feel extrememly grateful for having this opportunity to work with and share this amazing breed of perfection.